God’s Joy

It’s not something that I regularly think about. I confess that I don’t really spend much time thinking about the joy of the Lord. I tend to dwell on my own joy (or lack of joy).

But if the joy of the Lord is my strength, then I should probably try to figure out what it is. I should take time to understand what kind of joy that the God of the universe could have.

I do think that God’s joy is perfect. It’s not mixed with baser emotions or diluted like human joy. It’s not on-again, off-again like mine is. It’s 100% all the time never ending pure joy. Sure, it’s a joy that is based out of God’s holiness, but I like to think God has a joyful holiness as well as a holy joy.

God, may your joy be my joy. May what brings you pleasure be the desire of my own heart. I don’t know what I want half the time, so help me to want what You want. May Your joy truly be my strength tomorrow and the next day and every day after that. Amen.

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