A Night of Worship

It was a glorious night. After something like 14 months, Kairos finally returned to its Tuesday night roots — if only for one night. Still, it felt like for once I could go back.

There’s something about a night focused on worship to get me out of my normal self-centered focus and see Jesus a little clearer in the midst of my crazy week. It was good to get a reminder that all of God’s promises are still YES and AMEN in Jesus.

Of course, it was nice to be able to do my fine dining at Chik-fil-A afterward with my Spicy Southwest Salad comfort food. I didn’t hang around to socialize much — I ate and headed toward my car to go home. 40 may be the new 30, but I’m fairly certain that for me, 9 pm is the new midnight, especially when I’ve been up since 5 am.

But I hope this becomes a regular event. I hope that more people find in Kairos a place of refuge and rest from the relentless madness of the everyday weekday life. I hope more people find a place to center and to slow their breathing and to be still and know that He is God.

I’m thankful for the tireless dedication of all those who made this night happen. I’m very much blessed to be a part of it and to play a very small part in it. I’m also thankful for those beautiful people at Chik-fil-A for their pre-blessed Christian chicken than never fails to give me warm and fuzzy feelings inside.

I hope that worship doesn’t become just another event or a state of euphoria but slowly but surely develops into a lifestyle and a state of mind that sees God not just in a church building on Sundays and Tuesdays but at every turn in every place in all the days of the week.

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