In Case You Forgot

“God is at work. He does not slumber.
Christ intercedes. He does not fail.
The Spirit comforts. He does not forsake.
Be at rest. Be at peace.
Your name at the end of the day is Beloved” (Ann Voskamp).

Whether you finished the week with flying colors or barely inched across the finish line with zero strength left to spare, your name at the end of the day is Beloved.

No matter whether you feel like you’ve got a plan for your life that you’re working or if you have no control over anything, your name at the end of the day is Beloved.

God couldn’t love you any more if you kept every single commandment and somehow managed to be perfect all week long. He couldn’t love you any less if you screwed up every single good intention and broke all ten commandments in 24 hours.

You are always loved perfectly by a perfect God who’s love is always 100%, even when you probably deserve 0%. That’s the good news of the gospel. In case you forgot.

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