Pet All The Dogs (and Cats)

I think that’s my new motto. I want . . . no, I need to pet as many cats and dogs as possible. That’s what I did today.

Today is the last full day of my wild and crazy extended weekend trip to Gatlinburg. I saw all my favorite places and ate all the food. I did a fair amount of shopping and a good deal of walking.

One of my favorite parts was revisiting a pottery shop on the Arts and Crafts loop. There’s a Great Pyranees who hangs out there. He’s a gentle old soul who’s nearly 11 years old. I was able to pet him one more time — although I hope he’ll be around next time. I feel like he recognized me, so that means we’ve bonded.

Maybe I’m too easily pleased, but petting the dog made my day. Plus, I ate a lot. I got my Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge fix that should last me for awhile. I may have less in my checking account and sore feet, but it was way more than worth it.

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