The Way to Glory

“The Lord did not say, ‘I am going up to Jerusalem.’ He said, ‘We are going.’ It is this ‘we’ that we have to emphasize. For it does not apply only to those first disciples; it also applies to us insofar as we want to be his followers. For us, too, the way to glory passes through suffering and death. To suffer with Christ for sin in the obedience of faith; to give up all foolish wishes and vain hopes with our eyes fixed on him; with him and in love to him to give our old self up to death; to die with him in quiet confidence in a blessed resurrection when our last hour comes; and then to be with him forever in the heavenly Jerusalem – this is our task” (Johann Ernst von Holst, The Crucified Is My Love).

I went to a funeral for my brother-in-law’s mother today. It was sad, but also joyful. We grieve for the loss of a wife, mother, grandmother, and godly lady, but we don’t grieve as those who have no hope.

We believe that because of the resurrection, we will see her again. Death is not the end, and the grave will not have the last word. We hold fast to the promises of Jesus in the midst of a beautiful but broken world.

For us, the best is yet to come. For her, the best is right now.

Source: The Crucified Is My Love

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