Good News

“The incarnation, from the manger to the cross, is the very opposite of our wishes. It defies our logic and exposes our self-righteousness and bankruptcy. It reveals how obsessed we are with ourselves. We know in our bones that our rightful end is hell, banishment from the Garden. But the good news is that this is precisely where God meets us. God dwells in the godforsaken places of our lives. His aim is to vanquish every hell, not by external force of will but from the inside out, through love” (Charles Moore, The God Who Descends).

I love that God meets me where I am, not where I should be at this point in my life. I also love that God knows me better than anyone, including me, and yet still chooses me and loves me and wants me. When I take the time to think about that, it blows my puny (in comparison to God) little mind.

The story of Easter is that God took our hell so that we could have His heaven. He took the death we deserved so that we could have the abundant life that only He can give.

I’m aware that Easter has been commercialized to the point that some Christians refer to that Sunday as Resurrection Sunday. I’m really okay with either name, as long as the focus is on the empty tomb and the risen Christ. The hope that we squandered is born anew in us.

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