God Is Moulding You

“Sometimes we grow resentful as we grow older. When our image of an ideal life evaporates and painful historical, personal, family, or financial realities break through to the surface, it can be most disturbing.

Let us try to see the pain of our human and spiritual journey ‘from above.’ The great art is to gradually trust that life’s interruptions are the places where God is molding you into the person you are called to be. Interruptions are not disruptions of your way to holiness, but rather are places where you are being formed into the unique person God calls you to be. You know you are living a grateful life when whatever happens is received as an invitation to deepen your heart, to strengthen your love, and to broaden your hope. You are living a grateful life when something is taken away from you that you thought was so important and you find yourself willing to say, ‘Maybe I’m being invited to a deeper way of living.’

Prayer for Today

O Lord Divine, give me new eyes to see the pain of my life as your molding of me into your beloved child” (Henri Nouwen).

Ain’t that the truth. Interruptions can be annoying, aggravating, and downright rude. There’s nothing like having your routine screwed up by one of those interruptions. But maybe the interruptions aren’t getting in the way of your ministry. Maybe those interruptions ARE your ministry. Those people and places and situations are God-ordained to help you become who God has called you to be.

There’s a story by Henry Van Dyke called The Fourth Wise Man. In it, the main character attempts to find Jesus along the way; first as an infant, then as a small child, and then during His ministry. Each time, his quest gets interrupted by someone in need that he has to help.

In the end, it turns out that He met Jesus in each of the people he aided. Jesus says to him, “All that you did for these in their time of need, you did for Me.”

Perhaps, that’s what these interruptions are– a chance to serve Jesus by serving those who disrupt our routines and rituals during our daily experience.

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