A New Week

And so it begins. Tomorrow is that dreaded Monday, the start of a new week, and with all the snow and ice melting in the great state of Tennessee, things are getting back to normal.

Maybe that’s good for you. Maybe you’re in a good place financially, socially. Maybe you’re one of those rare few who actually like their jobs and find fulfillment and purpose in them.

Or maybe you’re already stressed out thinking about all that’s waiting for you. Maybe you dread the coming week because you don’t want to face having THAT conversation or dealing with THAT person. Maybe you’re in a season of grieving and the next day does nothing more than to remind you of what and who you’ve lost.

The good news is that even when you can’t find the words to pray, God still hears your prayers. Even when you’ve got nothing more than tears and groans and sighs, God knows what they mean– even more than you do. The prayers that come from the bottom of a broken heart go straight to God’s heart.

I love that Charles Spurgeon quote: “Groanings which cannot be uttered are prayers which cannot be refused.”

The Bible says that God is near to those who are broken hearted and crushed in spirit. He’s close to those who are close to giving up. He sees you when no one else does, and He cares when no one else cares.

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