The Language of Love

I’m thankful that God did that. I’m thankful that God didn’t leave it to me to figure out a way to get myself cleaned up and out of my own mess. I’m super thankful that He didn’t leave me on my own, trying my best to bridge that unfathomable gap between me and God.

The language that God was speaking through Jesus was the language of love. Not the gushy romantic kind of love like in all those Nicholas Sparks books. Not even the love of parents for their children.

It was the love of sacrifice. It was the love that laid down its life for me when I needed it most but deserved it least. It is the love of the unmerited favor of grace for undeserving sinners. Because we could never get to God, God came to us and spoke to us in a language we could understand. He became the language we could understand.

The language of Jesus. The language of love.

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