Internal Alarms

“Insecurity is an internal alarm that reveals you’re trusting in something that could be taken from you, instead of Christ” (Rick Warren).

In the times when I’m feeling insecure and anxious, I have to ask myself where my hope lies in that moment. 9 times out of 10, the answer will be anything and everything but Jesus. If it’s social media or a political party or the news or any of my comforting crutches, I will find myself becoming fearful and insecure.

I also have found that some deal with anxiety by doing their best to make others feel equally as anxious. It’s their goal to make you as fearful as they are, and they will get mad at you if you don’t give in to worry as much as they do.

But Jesus said, “Don’t fear. Don’t be anxious. Come to me and exchange your yoke for mine.”

Jesus never ever told His followers to be afraid or for them to make it their business to instill fear into others. He said, “My peace I leave you,” and that we are to be peacemakers with others.

What are your internal alarms that are showing you what and who you are trusting in other than in Jesus? What daily rhythms can you bring into your life that will bring about less worry and more peace? At what point will you and I stop trying to fix others and ourselves and start simply trusting in Jesus as the Prince of Peace?

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