Still Thankful for Coffee

I wonder who was first person to think up the idea of coffee. I wonder if anybody really knows. I imagine that coffee goes back several centuries– probably many millennia. I can’t imagine what people did in the mornings before coffee existed. Did they just automatically wake up refreshed and alert? Weird.

I know that I’m quite dependent on coffee. It’s not so much that I’m addicted to the caffeine, although that’s very likely the case. It’s more like part of my morning ritual to know that I’m a fully functional adult about to participate in another day of adulting.

For me, I’m graduating away from so much creamer and sugar in my coffee. With a good brew of Fresh Market coffee, I don’t need any. The same goes for Starbucks Vanilla Blonde Roast. Folger’s on the other hand needs a little help before I can drink it.

So my thanks goes out to that very first individual who thought up the idea of smashing the coffee bean and mixing it with hot water. You deserve a holiday. I think I’ll drink to that — with my next coffee.

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