Be Kind 2021

That’s my charge to anyone who’s reading this right now– just be kind.

That’s all. Be kind.

It doesn’t cost anything and pays dividends in the long run.

I see all sorts of people shaming all sorts of other people on social media: people who don’t wear masks, people who wear masks all the time, people who voted for Trump, people who voted for Biden, people who like chocolate, people who don’t . . . I can’t even bring myself to finish that one, people who are solid in their theology, people who are questioning their faith, etc.

It goes on and on.

I challenge you to name me one person who changed his or her mind based on being shamed on social media. Just one.

You can’t do it because it’s never happened.

People are fighting all kinds of battles that you know nothing about. Be kind.

People are struggling to get out of bed and it was all they could do to just be present in the world today. Be kind.

You never know when it will be you one day who needs kindness even though you probably won’t deserve it on that day. So show it to those who deserve it least but need it most.

You know what else kindness is called? The grace of God.

You know who needs it every day? You. Me. Everyone.

So show grace. Be kind. That’s all.

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