My Tentative New Year’s Eve Plans

This more or less describes my big New Year’s Eve plans for 2020. Whatever minuscule chances I had of actually going out on the town for December 31 got scuttled by the resurgence of the pandemic. So by the time midnight rolls around and 2021 creeps in, it’ll most likely be me and Peanut toasting in the new year. Hopefully, there will be something sparkling and bubbly.

I’m actually way more stoked at the prospect of sleeping in on Friday than anything related to seeing the new year in. Don’t get me wrong. I’m ready for new beginnings, but I’m just not feeling wild and crazy this time.

I am ready for a party — if by party, you mean a nap. I think I like the idea of hibernation. Could someone let me know when that starts and how I can get in on that, ’cause I am all about hibernating for a bit.

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