Christmas Traditions

I’m a fan of traditions, especially around the Advent/Christmas season. I’ve always been a fan of traditions like the reading of the Christmas story out of Luke 2 every Christmas Eve or having egg nog at midnight every Christmas.

For me, I have a few:

  1. I always like to visit the Opryland Hotel at some point in December to see all the halls decked out and all the festive decorations in full glory.
  2. I make a point to watch White Christmas in all its technicolor glory on Christmas Eve.
  3. Although it’s not every year, most years we have lasagna on Christmas Eve. That one goes back as far as I can remember to my days on Fox Meadows Road in Memphis, Tennessee.
  4. I guess this counts, but the Christmas tree has a lot of “vintage” ornaments and tinsel and other decorations that go back to ye olden days– some even before my time, believe it or not. A lot of them are homemade and looking a little worn and weary, but they still have a place on the tree.

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions? What do you look forward to most about this most wonderful time of the year? I’d love to see them here and possibly steal . . . I mean borrow one or two to have a new tradition of my own one day down the road.

Whatever the case, I wish you and yours a very merry Christmas and a blessed and happy new year!

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