Dashed Dreams

I’ve had a few alterations to my plans for 2020. To put it mildly. I think most of you have. I’m fairly certain that every single one of us in 2015 got the question wrong of “Where do you see yourself in five years?”

I think about Joseph from the Bible. The one engaged to Mary, not the one with all the jealous brothers. He had plans. He probably wanted to live a respectable and quiet life with his wife. He probably wanted to honor God and to leave a legacy behind for his children and their children to follow.g

Little did he know that God had other plans. To say that Joseph experienced a few alterations to his plans is also putting it mildly. Both Joseph and Mary saw their plans for the future wrecked and demolished into oblivion. Every dream they had for their own futures got destroyed.

But, you know what? God had something better. Way better.

What could be better than giving birth to the Messiah, the very God incarnate? What could possibly be better than raising the Savior of the world?

On a side note, it’s interesting that Joseph says yes to God’s plans based on nothing more than a dream and a promise he made to Mary. He didn’t get the angel. He didn’t get the proclamations and heralding. He got one dream and a reminder of the vows he had made to Mary.

What happened was that all those dreams of respectability got dashed to pieces. He would always be known as the father to a son that wasn’t biologically his. There would always be whispers about where that baby had come from.

Nothing that either Joseph or Mary could have ever dreamed of came close to the dreams God had for them. Nothing in their wildest imaginings could prepare them for the reality of God’s plan for their lives.

And so it is with us. God never takes away from us simply to take away. He always takes to give something better, something bigger, something bolder than we could ever ask or imagine or think or dream up.

One day, we will look back at it all and see that it could not have possibly worked out any better than it did. We will understand that the disappointments and dashed dreams were nothing compared to the glorious reality that unfolded before us.

One day, it will all be worth it. And if it’s from God, He will also make it worth it along the way.

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