Linus and His Blanket

I watched A Charlie Brown Christmas again this year. It’s one of those that you have to watch every year around the Christmas season if you have any amount of yuletide spirit at all.

One thing I wanted to look for was the part where Linus recites the Christmas story for Charlie Brown. When he gets to the part where the angel says, “Fear not!” he drops his blanket.

That’s something I never noticed before. That blanket is Linus’ security. It’s what he carries around with him all the time everywhere he goes. He’s never without his trusty blanket. Until that one scene.

He picks it back up again, but lays it down for a second and final time around Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree, after the gang decorates it and makes it pretty.

To me, that says that I can lay down my own security blankets, those things that I look to for comfort when I get anxious or scared. The Prince of Peace has come in the form of a helpless baby crying in a feeding trough. He’s my security now.

In the year where nothing seems stable or secure, it’s good to know that this Prince of Peace is still around. He still offers His peace and rest for those who are weary and troubled who will but come to Him.

By the way, I got the idea for Linus and his blanket by something I read on a website called Here’s the original link:

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