Lead by Love Not Fear

I distinctly remember reading a quote by Dave Ramsey that stuck with me years later. He said that leading and managing by fear isn’t good leadership but bad parenting for two year olds. How true that is.

If you read through your whole Bible, you will never find one time where God tells His people to live in fear. The admonition is to fear God– have a holy and healthy reverence for the King of the universe– and not anything else.

If you read the words of Jesus, you will not find a single time when He instructed us to live fearfully. He said for us to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves but not fearful. He said for anyone that was overburdened with anxiety to come to Him to find rest.

We’re not to live in fear. We’re also not to motivate others through fear. Love is the better way. Fear is always trying to control the actions of others, but love recognizes that other people have to make their own choices and that God is able to work even their bad decisions for the good.

Fear manipulates others. Love trusts God above all. Let faith not fear be what guides you and leads you through the remainder of 2020.

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