Perfect Peace

“Dear Lord, I’ve got this wandering mind —
wants to keep hiking off to climb some worries,
or meander of into some ‘what ifs’
or detour through a patch of burrs & these messy feelings of
constantly failing,
And there You are tonight, real close, arms outstretched:
‘Stay. Just Stay right here — Just Stay resting right here in this
curved indent in the palm of My Hand, right here next to the
lulling thrum of My never-sleeping heart —
Just *Stay* & let nothing move you from Me —
I will keep you in perfect peace
when your mind is *stayed* on Me — because this is how you
trust Me.’ Isa. 26:3
And we whisper it: Stay, Mind, just stay —
We only stay safe — when our minds stay with You” (Ann Voskamp).


If only I could teach my mind to stay with Jesus like Mary stayed at Jesus’ feet, concerned only with His presence.

If only I could keep my mind from wandering into the realm of “what if” scenarios, 99% of which never end up happening.

If only I could shut off social media, turn off the noise both outside and within, and be still.

If only I could quit listening to the media and to the talking heads and to Twitter and Facebook and focus on the voice of Jesus speaking over me.

Lord, keep your people in your perfect peace as we stay positioned in You. Amen.

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