Hope for the Fallen

I saw a post recently that bothered me. It was an article about an allegation of misconduct brought up against someone I used to know way back when. I don’t want to name names or go into the gory details, but I’m praying for two things: repentance and restoration.

I honestly don’t know if these allegations are true. I don’t know (and don’t want to know) any of the sordid details of the story. I just know the person accused had a good influence on me and helped me along the road to better understanding the grace of God.

I do know that God loves sinners. I know that Jesus expressly stated that He came not for the well but for the sick. I know that forgiveness is available to even the worst of the worst. Just ask the Apostle Paul and the thief on the cross next to Jesus.

Above all, I know what I am apart from the grace of God. I know that there’s nothing too evil or too depraved or too dark that I could not do apart from the love and saving grace of God. If the tables were turned and I were the one being accused, I hope he would show me the same mercy as I hope to show him.

People, even those who call themselves Christians, talk all the time about Karma and how certain people will certainly get what they deserve. I for one am hoping with every ounce of my being for grace and holding out that I don’t get what I deserve, because I know what that is apart from God’s lovingkindness.

I’m praying for the truth to win out. But more than that, I’m praying that mercy triumphs over judgment and that grace will have the last word.

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