The Mismatched Foot

Peanut’s claim to fame is that she has one foot that’s different from all the rest. She has one tan foot (or if you like, one peanut butter foot).

I had already named her when I discovered this little eccentricity. It took until she had already come home with me and been hanging out with me for a bit that I noticed.

But as you’ll probably notice from the picture, she’s quite proud of her little mismatched foot. Often, she’ll have it on prominent display where anyone can see it.

Sometimes, it’s good to celebrate those little quirks and foibles that make us different. Normal is boring, but unique is special. Don’t let anyone look down on you or treat you differently because you look or act or speak or think different.

Peanut also likes her naps. Any place where she and her peanut butter foot can sleep in comfort is a good spot. The feline life is a good life.

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