They Had Been with Jesus

“Now when they saw the boldness and unfettered eloquence of Peter and John and perceived that they were unlearned and untrained in the schools [common men with no educational advantages], they marveled; and they recognized that they had been with Jesus” (Acts 4:13, Amplified Bible).

That verse jumps out at me every single time I read it. These disciples didn’t have a lifetime of religious training in the Torah like the Pharisees and Sadducees. They didn’t have the formal education or the pedigree, but one thing that they had that stood out like a beacon– they had been with Jesus.

One thing I learned about discipleship is that it was not something to be taken lightly. Once anyone decided to become a disciple of a teacher, that essentially became their livelihood, their occupation, and their whole life. They didn’t have a job beside being a disciple– that was their job.

Disciples spent every moment with their teacher. They ate when he ate, they slept when he slept. They became so acquainted with him that his words became their words, his thoughts became their thoughts, and his life became their life.

The Jewish leaders recognized that Peter, John, and the rest of the disciples had been with Jesus because they spoke His words, thought like Him, acted like Him.

How would it be if people recognized me as having been with Jesus? How would it transform and impact your world around you if the people you met could tell that you had been with Jesus? More so than knowing your political affiliation or your denominational background, people need to see that you have spent time with Jesus. And that only comes from spending time with Jesus.

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