A Man Like Jesus

“A twitter hashtag about masculinity got me to thinking: If I’m to be a man like Jesus, what will I be like?
I will be a healer.
I will defend the powerless.
I’ll absolutely frighten and enrage the self-righteous.
I won’t be impressed by those with celebrity, credentials, or power.
I’ll be tremendously patient with people, well beyond what they ‘deserve’.
I will not take advantage of women.
And I’ll take them seriously.
I’ll subjugate my ego for the benefit of others.
The government will consider me, and my kind, a threat.
The religious power structure will consider me, and my kind, a threat.
I’ll attract people with bad reputations, and the seemingly worthless.
I’ll welcome children.
I will exhibit meekness – power, under control. And whatever power I do have will not be used to crush people, but to set people free” (Brant Hansen).

Manhood and masculinity has been misunderstood and maligned a lot these days.

First of all, it’s not about bravado and machismo.

It has absolutely nothing to do with how much facial hair you have or how much (or little) hair you have on top of your head (and for the record, just say no to the man bun).

It doesn’t mean that showing emotion or asking for help is a weakness.

It does have everything to do with how you treat others, especially those who could likely have no way to repay you or benefit you.

Biblical manhood reflects the compassionate caregiving side of the Father, just as biblical womanhood reflects the nurturing loving side.

In the words of a character from one of my favorite movies, “Don’t be a guy. The world is full of guys. Be a man.”

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