Your Update for September 2020

In keeping with the TCM theme of what’s new every month, I give you my update for the month of September 2020 so you can keep up with all that I’m watching reading, listening to, etc.

I’m working my way through The Complete Father Brown Stories, a collection of all the short story mysteries that G. K. Chesterton wrote around the central character of Father Brown. If you’re a fan of Agatha Christie or Dorothy Sayers or any other old-school whodunit-type stories, these are for you.

I’m listening to Jimmie Rodgers Recordings: 1927-1933, including all the classic sides that he recorded during his unfairly short career that was derailed due to the tuberculosis that eventually took his life. If you want to know where country music started, start with this collection.

If you read my recent post about Doctor Who, then you are not surprised in the least that I am watching Series 12 currently. I have about 7 or so episodes left before I can say that I have seen all the classic and new episodes (minus the ones that are missing, of course).

I think that about covers it for this month. If I remember, I’ll give you an update for October 2020.

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