Memphis, Music, and Memories

Sometimes, I run across an old relic from the past that stirs up long-dormant memories.

I found this sticker on a CD case and I was instantly transported back to about 20 years ago when I was still living in Memphis. Back then, I frequented a certain record store called Cat’s. Back when there were actual record stores that sold records and tapes and CDs.

One of my favorite past times back then was going through the dog pound where they had all their used . . . I mean pre-loved CDs. You could even bring in your own CDs and trade them for cash or credit.

I remember every now and then getting really excited over a good music find. More often than not, I didn’t find anything worth parting me from my money, but on rare occasion, I struck musical gold.

Life is like that. There are a lot of days where nothing magical or extraordinary happens. Then there are those precious few days that you talk about and dream about and remember for the rest of your life.

I do recall those stickers were really hard to peel off.

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