Beach Memories

One year ago today, I was walking on this sand on this beach. There was no such thing as COVID-19 or coronavirus or social distancing. All that I was thinking about was how refreshing and cool the sand felt between my toes and how the ocean breeze had a salty but sweet scent.

I was revisiting Panama City Beach for the first time in over 20 years. It was the first day of my vacation, and those are always the best.

I took lots of pictures. I also recorded a short video of the ocean waves crashing into the beach, so that one day when I need it, I can go back and watch and listen and go back to that one moment of tranquility.

Just so you know, I haven’t completely given up on 2020. I know that so many are calling it a lost cause and wishing for 2021 to get here quickly, but I think this year can still have some good in it.

It all starts with how you choose to see the world. If you look for negativity and fear, you will find it in abundance. But if you look for the good– and choose to be the good– in the world, you will also find it. You can dust for God’s fingerprints to find out that He is still at work, even in the pandemic of 2020.

I hope to go back to that beach some day. Maybe I’ll find the same spot and hear the same waves crashing over the same beach. In the mean time, I think I’ll go and try to make tomorrow a good day.

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