A Healthy Balance

Lately, it seems to me that we look at the pandemic and coronavirus much the same way many of us look at the devil. Bear with me. I’ll explain.

It seems that for some, the devil doesn’t exist. They give no thought to demons or demonic power. Either they don’t believe in Satan or they just don’t really care one way or the other.

Then there are those who give too much credence to the devil. They see him at work everywhere. Every bad thing ever done or every bad person is a direct result of the devil. Every waking moment is about how to overcome the devil.

Much the same way, there are some who don’t believe there is a pandemic or just don’t care. They will live however they want like there’s no such thing as coronavirus or COVID-19. Nothing and no one will change their minds.

Then there are some who live in constant fear and anxiety of the pandemic. They will go to extreme measures to protect themselves and their loved ones. Every waking thought is dedicated to the virus. They get angry with you if you’re not as fearful and anxious all the time as they are about COVID-19.

God told us to live wisely in this world, but He also said not to live in fear. He told us that His perfect love overcomes fear. Ultimately, for me to still choose fear is to doubt God at His word. It may be my natural default setting, but that doesn’t mean I have to live that way from now on.

You can live in such a way that acknowledges the reality of the pandemic without letting anxiety dictate your existence. You can take coronavirus seriously without prioritizing fear over living your life. Even though the tendency of humanity is toward extremes, you can find a healthy balance in the middle where common sense and trust in God intersect.

Also, I don’t think believers are called to shame those who don’t share our views on the pandemic. We’re not given the liberty to disobey Jesus’ command not to judge, even in the middle of COVID-19. That means you don’t get to decide the character of a person you’ve never met and know nothing about aside from one or two of their behaviors. You don’t get to say you know a person’s intent or motivation when you’ve never had any meaningful conversations with them or gotten to know them at all.

Trust that God knows what He’s doing. Trust that He can work even in the midst of people who don’t take the situation seriously and those who are consumed and obsessed with it. You can rest in the knowledge that it’s not your job to end the pandemic or get people in line. God is up to the task.

He will take care of it. And you.

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