Marking the Miracles

In Kairos, Chris Brooks talked about Joshua 4 and how God commanded the Israelites to collect stones from the Jordan River to commemorate how God had parted the river so the entire nation could cross in safety. I suppose in this day and age, Moses and Aaron would simply have taken a selfie, but selfies weren’t a thing back in ancient times.

The idea was to build a monument to mark the occasion of the miracle. It was to remind the people of God every time they saw it of how God had once again provided in time of need.

Let’s face it. We are a forgetful people. At least I am. Whenever I get into trouble or face adversity, I’m prone to selective memory. I remember previous troubles but forget how it was God who guided me through. Sometimes I even forget about God altogether in the midst of my anxiety.

God knows we need reminders, both individually and collectively. We remind ourselves individually by steeping ourselves in God’s Word and prayer. We remind ourselves collectively by gathering in worship weekly and in smaller groups regularly to encourage and inspire each other to not forget what God has already done and promised yet to do.

We’re more prone to spiritual amnesia when we go it alone. When you or I try the Lone Ranger approach to faith living, we can easily lose who we are or why we’re here. All the distractions of the world and the media and life in general can derail us from our true purpose and passion.

So we gather together to remember. We intentionally set aside time not so much to remind God of our problems but to remind our problems of God and His goodness and faithfulness.

I’m thankful for all the daily reminders I see from God through fellow believers through social media and in face to face conversations. I’m grateful that more and more believers are coming together again to worship and waken each other to remember God’s goodness. I’m thankful most of all at how patient God is with me when I forget time and time again and need those reminders still.

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