Good Music

I don’t always fall asleep right away. Sometimes I toss and turn. Some nights it seems like I engage in a self-defeating battle of willing myself to fall asleep only to wind up frustrated and agitated and wide awake.

Some nights I grab a good CD or go to Amazon Music (or Pandora) and pick a good artist and let the music send me to sleep.

There’s something therapeutic about good music. Especially when it’s of the classic rock variety, although old-school jazz works just as well.

Last night, my musical choice was Journey. Listening to the songs stirred up vivid memories of childhood and youth and what feelings I had back then. Plus, there’s just something special about Steve Perry’s voice to send you to a happy place in your mind.

I remember back in high school I used to fall asleep while listening to a cassette copy of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. One of these nights, I just might revisit that classic album.

Or maybe I could just be disciplined and go to bed at a decent hour like normal folk.

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