Choosing a Better Way: Guest Post

I posted the following in 2017. It’s from Tyler McKenzie, a pastor in Louisville, Kentucky. It may be 3 years old, but the sentiments are as timely as ever:

“If we’re not self-aware, there are many ways social media can make us less, not more, social. One way that quietly goes unnoticed (but whose painful consequences are undeniable in our culture) is that it allows us to choose and filter the voices we listen to.

It feeds confirmation bias politically, racially, culturally, religiously, etc. It creates a sort of self-made groupthink bubble in which you can simply screen out people who express any opinion on any thing that you don’t like.

No wonder the States of America are Divided, not United, today. No wonder literally everything feels so polarized – Choose your side! No wonder efforts to find compromise or solutions seem fruitless.

I believe the Jesus follower chooses a better way.

-We have the humility to listen, knowing that nothing about us is perfect, including our beliefs. God had to die for us wretches, after all.

-We welcome conversations that are challenging with those who are different because we know we always have a lot to learn and this may be another opportunity.

-We speak with truth AND love. Love without complete truth is enablement. Truth without love will never be heard because… you sound like a butthead.

-We honor the God-given-Jesus-died-for dignity of every human being, even our enemies, by at least trying to understand their beliefs, perspective, and cultural narrative.

-And we do actually try to understand others rather than just win arguments. The most loving thing you can do for someone with whom you disagree is understand and represent their argument fairly. 90% of frustration in disagreement comes from feeling ‘misunderstood’ or ‘misrepresented’ by the opposing voice.

Boiling it down, what I’m saying is this… The Jesus follower intentionally cultivates diversity in their life. God is an artist, and every person is another portrait that can lend us perspective on Him. #JesusIsWhy” (Tyler McKenzie).

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