You Still Matter

“It is easy enough to write and talk about God while remaining comfortable within the contemporary intellectual climate. Even people who would call themselves unbelievers often use the word gesturally, as a ready-made synonym for mystery. But if nature abhors a vacuum, Christ abhors a vagueness. If God is love, Christ is love for this one person, this one place, this one time-bound and time-ravaged self” (Christian Wiman, My Bright Abyss).

I probably mentioned this in an earlier post, but I wanted to repeat it in case you might have forgotten in all the chaos and pandemonium. You are important to God and your individual life matters to Him. Even if you’ve given up on the idea of God and no longer believe in Him, He is still for you.

His desire is still that you should not perish but that you should come to true repentance and faith. His desire is to see you become all that He created you to be, a fully alive son or daughter of God.

You still matter.

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