It’s Not Your Job

It seems like there’s an awful lot of anxiety and stress out in the world today. I am aware that there’s a pandemic going on, but I think there’s more to the worry factor than that.

I truly believe that a lot of people have taken it upon themselves to be the enforcers of whether people do or do not wear masks while out in public.

People have also decided that they must call out every single instance of injustice of any kind anywhere in the world and must be offended for everyone to whom there is a perceived insult or injustice.

Social media is full of people who feel that they must always correct anyone whose theology and ideology doesn’t line up with theirs. Many of them come across as rather self-righteous and condescending.

Can I lift a burden off your shoulders?

It’s not your job to save everyone.

It’s not even your job to save anyone.

God in Jesus is the one who does the saving in every sense of the word.

If your eschatology doesn’t make room for the righteous reign of God to right the societal wrongs of the world, then it is too limited.

You are supposed to be against injustice because God is against injustice, but only God is big enough to make wrong things really right.

Your job is to love God and love people. That’s what Jesus said.

The way you love God is to do what He says, grow in His image, seek Him daily above all else, and make His name glorious wherever you go.

The way you love people is to be a good neighbor, see them as God sees them, treat them like God treats you, and to display the image of Jesus to them in everything you do and say.

That’s your job. God will take care of the rest.

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