Quote for Thought

“Here is the mystery, the secret, one might almost say the cunning, of the deep love of God: that it is bound to draw on to itself the hatred and pain and shame and anger and bitterness and rejection of the world, but to draw all those things on to itself is precisely the means, chosen from all eternity by the generous, loving God, by which to rid his world of the evils which have resulted from human abuse of God-given freedom” (N. T. Wright, The Crown and the Fire).

That’s it. God in Jesus took on all the sin of the world on the cross.

That’s the hope for the world.

Our final hope is not in some radical upheaval or climate change or social justice or anything man-made. While we work toward true justice and peace, we know that ultimately the victory comes not from us but from Jesus.

Some say that others should pay for what their forefathers did long ago.

But when you look to the Bible, specifically the Old Testament, it says that no one pays for the sins of his or her father. Each one must pay for his or her own sin.

But then you look to the culmination of history in the Cross that says, “Jesus paid it ALL!”

That’s the hope of the world.

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