Monday Quote of the Day

“Lord, all that I long for is known to you, 
my sighing is no secret from you… 
I put my trust in you, and leave you to answer for me” (Elisabeth Elliott).

Of course, that works for any day of the week, but it seems especially appropriate after another Monday has come and gone.

I believe Mrs. Elliott also said something to the effect that God gives the very best to those who leave the choice with Him.

May this be the day that you worry less and worship more, panic less and pray more, try harder less and trust more.

May this be the day that you rediscover that God and God alone is enough, and if you have nothing more, you have enough and you are enough.

May this be the day that you remember that all the days of your life are written in God’s book, and He knows every one of them by heart.

May this be the day that you know in your deepest heart that God has already written the last page of history. You can read it in the last chapter of the last book in the Bible and rest in the fact that it will be fine in the end, and if it’s not fine, it’s not the end.

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