Source of Life

“Father, our source of life,
You know our weakness.
May we reach out with joy to grasp your hand
and walk more readily in your ways.
We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever” (from The Liturgy of the Hours).

I confess that I am prone to judgmental thinking when I read social media posts. First of all, my name is Greg, and I am a grammar nazi (for the next meeting of Grammar Nazis Anonymous). And is is really TOO hard to understand when YOU’RE using the wrong word? Honestly.

More importantly, I get annoyed when people use Jesus and faith as a means to promote some other agenda, whether it’s politics or business or whatever else, instead of faith being the ultimate end and goal.

Often I miss the heart behind the message. I don’t give the other person the same courtesy that I would hope someone else would give me when reading one of my heartfelt posts.

This beautiful prayer acknowledges before God that 1) we are full of weaknesses and 2) He already knows them all even as we tried to hide them behind bravado and anger and finger-pointing and humor.

We call on Father God as the Source of Life, confessing that we desperately need God in all the hours of our days. I know I do best when I’m clinging to God’s hand with all that I’ve got and finding joy in His ways instead of my own.

It’s a declaration of dependence, something that is very counter-cultural (and in many ways unAmerican). It’s to agree with Jesus that we are poor in spirit, having nothing of our own to bring to God but instead being offered all the benefits of the God’s Kingdom.

Jesus, help me to always seek your hand with joy and to walk willingly in your ways, knowing that You alone can make beauty out of chaos and light from darkness. Amen.

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