Ready For It to Be Over

Here’s a list of things I’m ready to be over for good:
1) COVID-19

2) Racism in any form

3) Politics

4) Food turning to fat and not muscle

5) 5 am wake-up calls

6) Self-righteous social media posts

7) Cancer

8) Unsweet tea

9) Decaf coffee

10) Death

I could probably make a much longer list if I really had the time to let my mind go and really unearth all the stuff that annoys the crap out of me.

Some of these are in jest, but some I really do want to be over. Like death. I found out a man I respected to volunteered at Room in the Inn for over 20 years passed away recently. I’m ready to say goodbye to having to say goodbye.

Still I have this certain hope. One day, I will say a final goodbye to COVID-19, cancer, pain, suffering, disease, injustice, racism, heartbreak, lies, deceit, and death.

One day Jesus will make all things right and new.

One day Jesus will restore sevenfold all that the enemy has taken away and all the havoc that sin has wreaked on the world.

Then it won’t be over. It will only have just begun.

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