Christmas in June

I love getting packages from Amazon in the mail. I especially love when I get the notification that my delivery is only 10 stops away.

Maybe it’s the little kid in me, but there’s still something magical about opening a package to find out what’s inside, even if you already know what it is. It feels like Christmas every single time.

I also love seeing the faces of people opening their presents when you know you finally got it right. That’s just as magical.

Maybe during this crazy polarizing pandemic year of 2020 we could do with a little less self-righteous trading of barbs and self-justifying posts and have a little more grace and generosity toward others.

If I remember how much I owe to the unmerited, undeserved grace of God, I am certainly less likely to condemn anyone else, even those with polar opposite political views.

If I remember that each person is created in the image of God and that Jesus thought enough of them to die for them (even the Trumps and Bidens of the world), then while I can certainly criticize their actions, I have no right to name-calling and judging their character.

After reading some of the social media posts, I’m thankful that God didn’t crucify me for all my mistakes like a lot of Facebook people want to do with public leaders and figures. He crucified Jesus instead in my place. He gave me the riches of His grace instead.

And yes, getting stuff from Amazon in the mail will never get old.

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