Who Is Jesus For?

I think for a long, long time, people who profess to be Christians have been known far more for what they are against than what they are for.

My pastor talks about his church growing up and how they made it know all that they were against– drinking, gambling, card playing, and the ususal. Then they’d all gather together and celebrate that they hadn’t done anything.

But when I read the Gospels, I see that Jesus is for much more than He is against.

For instance, He is for everyone who comes to Him in faith. He says He will never cast them out.

He is for anyone who consistently and continually asks, seeks, and knocks out of a desperate need for God. He says those are the ones who will find a God who provides.

He is for the poor in spirit, the broken-hearted, the lonely, the destitute, the outcast. He is for us when we are for them, for such is the Kingdom of God.

Jesus is for the person you can’t stand. I don’t mean that Jesus endorses racism or hate or any sinful actions. I do mean that Jesus recognizes every single human being as being created in the image of God and as someone for whom He died on the cross.

Above all, Jesus is for you. Jesus is for me.

Do I believe that black lives matter? Absolutely.

But let me ask you this: do you believe that your individual life matters? Do you believe that your identity is first and foremost not in your gender or race or nationality but in your status as a child of God? You are the one for whom Jesus died. You and I are the lost ones that He came to seek and save.

Jesus is for you.

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