A Happy Medium

This is not a post about how a psychic that enjoys telling jokes is a happy medium. Haha.

It’s more about the current situation with the coronavirus.

One one hand, you have people that want to keep everything shut down indefinitely so that everyone will be safe. On the other, you have those who want to completely open up the economy so that businesses won’t all close and everyone will still have jobs and a paycheck.

I don’t think it has to be an extreme either/or. I feel like we can find a happy medium that allows for safety as well as economic security. You and I can only control our responses and how we feel is the right way to live in the middle of a pandemic, not everyone else’s.

When it comes to politics, I’ve noticed that we again like to gravitate toward extremes. The tendency is toward extreme left or right, liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican.

In this culture, there is no room for debate. Anyone who disagrees with your beliefs or voices an opinion contrary to your is now automatically not only wrong, but stupid and evil. They are immediately what is wrong with America. If this is you, then you have become an idolater, putting politics in place of God Almighty.

Again, there’s a happy medium. There’s a place where we can share ideas without fear of personal attacks and name-calling. There’s a forum where we can learn to see value even in the thoughts and ideas of thoes with whom we disagree.

Maybe even there’s a chance we could stop drinking the red or blue koolaid and actually vote for people rather than parties. You know there’s more than two political parties out there, right?

St. Francis once prayed, “Help me not so much seek to be understood as to understand.”

When you understand what Jesus said about actually loving your enemies and praying for your persecutors, everything changes. When you know that the Truth is ultimately not exclusive to the left or the right but in fact exists in the person of Jesus, you seek to argue less and love more.

You begin to see that there are more viewpoints than your own. You realize that wisdom comes from learning how to speak the truth in love and hold your convictions with humility.

May we focus more and more on living truth, celebrating beauty, and having servant hearts in these uncertain days.

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