Look for the Helpers

I was listening to a podcast recently when one of the hosts said something that resonated with me. He was speaking about the whole COVID-19 ordeal and he talked about how some have reduced it to blaming it on people they already didn’t like in the first place.

I’m not here to take sides politically. Taking sides and passing blame do nothing to help those who are sick and dying. Name-calling does nothing to boost the morale of a general public who is trying to navigate through fearful and uncertain waters.

Look for the helpers. Look for those who are making a difference. I see health care workers risking their own lives for others. I see delivery workers taking great risks to make sure we have what we need. I see those who are practicing the art of doing those daily little things with great love.

Focus on the positive. Choose to use your words to build others up, not to tear down. Dare to be kind and praise the kindness in others.

Look for the helpers.

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