Good Friday

In the tradition of orthodox Christianity, Good Friday is the day that Jesus died on the cross. It is a somber day, following Maundy Thursday, with less focus on celebration and more on reflection.

I’m thankful that the story didn’t end on Good Friday.

I’m thankful this story won’t end with a pandemic of coronavirus.

I suppose that we call this particular Friday good isn’t because of the gory and brutal events of the crucifixion, but what came from it– namely, the forgiveness of sins and direct access to God by the tearing of the temple curtain.

Still, if the story ends with Good Friday and no Easter Sunday, there’s no forgiveness of sin. There’s no hope. We might as well all go live however we want and cram as much wanton pleasure into our short lives as we can.

But as a sermon once heard goes, “It’s Friday . . . . but Sunday’s comin'”

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