The Blame Game

It does seem that there’s a lot of blame going around currently. I heard someone say that in the current climate, it’s easy to pin the blame on the leader that you already didn’t like.

In our personal lives, how easy is it to blame someone or something else for our misfortunes instead of looking in the mirror? I don’t aim to say that everything is our fault. I do say that in every circumstance, we still choose how we respond.

How will we choose to live in the current coronavirus climate? Will we use it as an excuse to blame others or will we choose to look for how God is shaping even this into something beautiful and good?

“We spend a lot of energy wondering who can be blamed for our own or other people’s tragedies – our parents, ourselves, the immigrants, the Jews, the gays, the blacks, the fundamentalists, the Catholics….

But Jesus doesn’t allow us to solve our own or other people’s problems through blame. The challenge he poses is to discern in the midst of our darkness the light of God. In Jesus’ vision everything, even the greatest tragedy, can become an occasion in which God’s works can be revealed.

How radically new my life would be if I were willing to move beyond blame to proclaiming the works of God…. All human beings have their tragedies…. We seldom have much control over them. But do we choose to live them as occasions to blame, or as occasions to see God at work?” (Henri Nouwen).

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