Adopt Don’t Shop

My advice to you when looking for a pet is to go to an animal shelter instead of a breeder. While I do applaud breeders for what they do, there are also many many animals at shelters who need your love just as much, some of whom are at risk of being euthanized if someone doesn’t take a chance on them.

I speak from experience. I was rescued at an animal shelter by a tiny little tortie who literally reached out her paw through the cage bars and picked me to be her human only days after my previous cat had passed away.

You will never know a more loyal, more affectionate, more loving pet than a rescue pet. Sometimes it may take time and patience with the ones that were previously mistreated and abused, but even they come around with enough compassionate love. I’ve seen that first hand as well.

Don’t just go for the kittens and puppies. You may find an older animal, even a senior dog or cat, who still has love to give to the right person. You will not regret

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