My Weekend Plans

That cat definitely has the right idea. Except for forgetting the snacks.

Sometimes, it’s good to step out of the hectic race and chill for a little while.

Rest is not a dirty word. It’s a necessity.

If you don’t intentionally chose times to rest, your body will chose it for you. That may look like illness or exhaustion. But eventually you will have to stop.

I remember the story of Elijah who was tired and discouraged at one point after he had seen a mighty victory of God over false prophets.

God provided his needs in that moment. Basically, God told him to eat a snack and take a nap (see 1 Kings 19:1-9).

I think it’s important to rest your body and your mind. Take naps. Do fun stuff. Take a break from the regular madness of routine.

But don’t forget your snacks.

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