Hello, Romana II

I had all sorts of ideas of what to write about. Well, more truthfully, I had inklings of possibilities of ideas to write about, but nothing came of any of it. Then I remembered, “Oh yeah, Doctor Who.”

I’m still on my second go-round to watch all the classic episodes. Currently, I’m on season 17 with Lalla Ward as Romana II. Essentially, the original actress to play Romana didn’t return for the next season, so Romana regenerated into a new face.

I still find that there’s something magical about these old episodes. The special effects are not the greatest and sometimes painfully bad. Some of the villains are way over the top. But all in all, the stories are good and the characters are compelling.

Of course, there will be further updates as the doctor changes and the companions come and go. Plus, it gives me a backup plan when all my other ideas are kaput.

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