God Will Work It for Good

“Hey Soul? okay, really — it’s *really* gonna be okay today. Because in Him, whatever goes bad, He’ll work it for good. It’s what God does. 
He turned water into wine; He will turn the broken into beautiful. 
God’s *line of work* is *transformations* — so hold on to Him as your *lifeline.*
*You can’t be undone.* 
No matter what went down yesterday, today’s your very own fresh canvas and there really is hope: *The future is as bright as the faithfulness of God.* 
He says to you Himself: “…don’t keep going over old history. Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something brand new… There it is! I’m making a road through the desert.” (Isa. 43:18 MSG) Right now through your most unlikely desert places, God is making unbelieveable roads… you better believe it! 
Yeah, you can go face the day with brave joy — God’s. got. your. back.

#PreachingGospeltoMyself (Ann Voskamp)”

How timely is that. After all, so many of us are under-rested and overstressed, under pressure and overwhelmed. So many of us are doing good to make it through one day at a time.

Yet even in the middle of the worst of bad days, God is turning even that into good. He’s still working ALL things together for good– even the moments and hours and day that you’d rather forget.

God is faithful. He is with you. He hasn’t left you. And He never will.

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