Not Original But Funny

Apparently, these were actual answers given to Bible questions. They were soooo close . . . .

“Strange Answers Given on a Bible Knowledge Test

Noah’s wife was Joan of Ark. 

Lot’s wife was a pillar of salt by day and a ball of fire by night. 

Moses went to the top of Mount Cyanide to get the ten commandments. 

The seventh commandment is ‘thou shalt not admit adultery.’

Joshua led the Hebrews in the battle of Geritol. 

Jesus was born because Mary had an immaculate contraption. 

The people who followed Jesus were called Decibels. 

The espistles were the wives of the apostles. 

One of the opossums was St. Matthew. 

Salome danced in seven veils in front of King Herrod. 

Paul preached acrimony, which is another name for marriage. 

David fought the Finkelsteins, which a race of people who lived in Bible times. 

The Jews had trouble throughout their history with unsympathic Genitals.”

If you know where these came from, let me know so that I can give appropriate credit. In the meantime, enjoy.

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