Why I Go to Church

First of all, I miss Rich Mullins. I miss his unique voice set in the midst of a Christian music industry where there is a lot of sameness. What he says here is spot on.

I still believe that Church isn’t a place you go on Sunday. It’s not a brick and mortar building. It’s God made visible, made up of living stones like you and me. It’s the people of God doing the work of God in the power of God for the glory of God.

But even so, I don’t do Sunday church services because I’ve got it all together. At least that’s not the way it should be. I may act all high and mighty and superior on Sunday because I show up, but if I’m honest, I know I need help. I know I need other believers to hold me accountable and to encourage me and to challenge me out of my comfort zone.

If I really had my life together, I might as well stay home. But I don’t. So I heed the verse from Hebrews about not neglecting the gathering together of the saints because we need each other. We’re stronger together than we are apart.

That’s why I go to church.

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