Peanut Update: November 2019

Peanut is living the dream– the feline dream.

She gets to sleep in every day and does pretty much whatever she wants whenever she wants for as long as she wants.

Her usual pattern is eat, sleep, repeat. Not a bad way to live.

Just once I’d like to send her off to my job so I can spend the whole day being a feline.

She’s an unusual little critter. I’ve had her going on 3 years and I have never once heard her growl or hiss. She’s super laid back and compliant with two exceptions: whenever she accidentally gets outside and is frantically trying to get back in or whenever I’ve tried to introduce her to new people.

I sometimes wonder if rescue cats (and dogs) have a vague shadowy memory of their previous life. Maybe they remember being abandoned or thrown away. Maybe over time that memory fades as it is replaced by new and better ones.

Whatever the case, little Peanut is living the good life now.

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