Back at Glenstone Lodge

Who says you can’t go back?

Not me. Especially after I’ve been staying at the Glenstone Lodge in Gatlinburg. It’s where the family and I stayed back in the day, i. e. the early 80’s. It feels vaguely familiar, like a half-remembered dream, but apparently they’ve done some remodeling in the last 35 or so years.

Gatlinburg as a whole is like a time machine for me, because so much of it is the same. I can feel 10 years old again for the short time I’m here. Too bad the prices aren’t what they were in 1982.

If I could see old pictures, I’m sure I’d recognize the place a lot more. It seems a lot smaller than I remember as a kid, but maybe that’s because I’m older and bigger now.

Let the adventures continue.

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