A Mighty Good Day

I can 1) breathe and 2) murmur my thanks, so I think this qualifies as a mighty good day.

I can also 1) grumble and complain with the best of them and 2) focus on what I’m lacking instead of what I have, so I forget how blessed I am and diminish the day.

It’s a daily discipline, a choice that I must make every morning because my default setting is comparison and entitlement. As you and I both know, comparison is the thief of joy and entitlement makes us blind to our blessings.

That’s why God’s expressed will for us in Christ Jesus is in everything give thanks. Not FOR everything but IN everything, because God works IN everything FOR our good.

This is me preaching to myself, reminding myself of what I already know but have forgotten. Gratitude is still the best way to live.

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